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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Art meet fashion at Cell Block Theatre

Installation, fashion, wonderful music from Jack Colwell and the Owls, Guineafowl, Yoni Diamond and MA, green cocktails, light displays, quilts, weavings, blow up animals, stop motion films and gorgeous models such as Eliza Humble, Simone Kerr and Tiah Delaney on the runway during Emerald Couture the Born Again Spring Fashion Gala, at the Cell Block Theatre, The National Art School, Darlinghurst on Thursday, last day of September.

Emerald Couture brings together fashion designers, artists and the world of fine couture jewellery. Participating artists and designers:Lindy Lee, Akira Isogawa, Nicola Finetti, Susan Andrews, Leigh Schubert, Andrew Hopkins, ANTO, CASI((O)) ONO, Parris Dewhurst, Mies Nobis, Fernando Frisoni, Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria, Lara Merrett, James Broadhurst, Phoenix Keating, Justin Trendall, Carabott, Coen Young, Andéol, Lisa Thom, Jessica Klingelfuss, Elizabeth Eastland, Juz Kitson, Melissa Chalker, J.D Reforma, Shayli Harrison, Susie Williams, Hamish Ta-mé, and Sarah Breen Lovett.

Nice evening.

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