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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Chinese warriors in Sydney

One of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the incredible life-size terracotta warriors have captivated audiences around the world. This amazing discovery stunned the world and exploration continues to this day.
The First Emperor: China's entombed warriors
is curated by the Gallery's director, Edmund Capon.
Discovered by villagers in 1974, this vast underground army was created to protect the tomb of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shihuang (259–210 BCE) in readiness for the afterlife.
New exhibition of Art Gallery of NSW -The First Emperor: China’s entombed warriors brings to Australia over 120 rare objects, featuring ten complete terracotta warrior figures including foot soldiers, generals, kneeling bowmen and horses.
Australia was the first country outside China to see these figures in the exhibition in Sydney in early 1983. Now is second opportunity to come face to face with the guardianwarriors of China's first emperor.

Exhibition in Art Gallery of NSW:  2 Dec - 13 Mar 2011

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