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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ken Unsworth

78-year old Australian artist, Ken Unsworth is renowned for his haunting works. Often they suggest that a human tragedy has just befallen they subject. They also mostly contain an element that drawns on a macabre humour or a kitsch wit. His works toutch on a sense of our very existance, often transforming everyday elements into grand myths.

He has made many works using the piano.
Repture is about hope and denial. A flight of keyboards reaches toward heaven in a repetitive stair-like assemblage. The escalation suggests hope, ambition and a concert of rapturous music. Placed on top is a burnt music sheet and straw which in combination muffle and frustrate any promise of the joys of sound contained in the pianos.

Ken Unsworth's instalation Repture in The Art Gallery of NSW

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