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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sculpture by the Sea: Little Boy Lost

Up to half a million people are expected to walk the two kilometres of Sydney's iconic beaches Bondi and Tamarama to gawp at the open-air exhibition "Sculpture by the Sea" - Australia's largest annual outdoor public display of art.

Like any good art show, it is not without its controversy. A scultpure of a gigantic baby entitled "Little Boy Lost", by Sydeny artist Paul Trefry, was originally submitted to the festival naked. But overly-cautious Waverley Council officials put a swimming costume on the figure.

Trefry said he had felt so uncomfortable with a council ruling that his sculpture had to be clothed that he rose on Friday at 7.30am and made the short trip from his Bondi home to return the piece to its intended naked form.

Basically, I've had enough of censorship, about how the Government are basically stopping everyone from doing anything, he said.
If "Sculpture by the Sea" want me to remove it, I will. If they are going to do something so petty, I would rather not be in the exhibition.

But "Sculpture by the Sea" founder David Handley said the piece would remain.

Trefry applauded the organisers final decision. We've got a win for the art world and hopefully that's the end of it, he said.

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